Five simple ways to minimize hay fever


Hay fever is caused by mutual allergens in particular airborne pollen from flowers, trees, and grasses, and can affect people all year round, however, springtime is hay fever time for me. Although not regarded as a critical condition, hay fever can severely affect your quality of life by interfering with your ability to work, sleep, exercise and socialize.

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My question is why me? Well, I am told firstly, hay fever only affects people who have a tendency towards allergies (yet I am not allergic to insects), which occur when the body (immune system) has an exaggerated response to a substance that is tolerated by the body. These substances known as allergens initiate an immune response causing individual cells in the nose and eyes to release inflammatory histamines. These histamines inflame and irritate membranes of the nose and eyes causing a typical allergic response including blocked noses, runny noses, sneezing, and coughing and eye itchiness, among others. In this article, I suggest a few remedies and practices that can reduce the chances of being affected by hay fever.

Some simple tips

Stay Indoors

Avoid going outdoors on unusually high wind days when the pollen count is high; some online weather site can provide this if you are internet savvy!

Be aware of any plantations near you

look at what is growing in your garden, and designing your garden in a way that minimizes grasses and plants pollen; However, in my case, it is not what grows in my garden rather it is more what grows in the neighbors garden!

Regularly clean the house

Maintain a dust-free home, (dust mites contribute to hay fever) yes this means cleaning more regularly, frequently vacuuming to prevent any build-up of dust, as well as washing bedding and furnishing regularly

Boost your immune system

We have always taken vitallsdkflvllsdvmlmdvlslvmlmvlsmvlmin C, for colds, and from research it known to decrease histamine levels, and possible reduce symptoms. Horseradish contains compounds that may reduce respiratory congestion,
possibly reducing running noses. And finally because congested sinuses are a breeding ground for bacteria, I have had an ear infection from time to time, so it was suggested to me garlic may prevent this because of its antimicrobial properties and like vitamin C also has immunostimulant properties in other words an agent that stimulate the immune system.

Above all don’t stress. Stress can cause your immune system to function below its optimal level. Hay fever for me is a seasonal condition, and I know it will ease after a few weeks, so I spend most weekends at the beach in clear air and lots of salt water that also works wonders for the sinuses.

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