Common Causes of Stress You Should Know

You will get to know that stress is caused by different reasons, which differ from person to person. You will find that a situation that worries one person may not bother another person. Some people are easily stressed while others require more different worrying moments before they start to experience the psychological effects. Even though people differ from a stressful situation, you will still find stress events that are common as listed below.


dollarsFinancial stress mostly mortgage foreclosures, is another cause of stress leading at the top in homes. You will find that people who are poor and live in poverty conditions, and people facing high bankruptcy and debts experience great situations of stress in their lives.




You can face stress when pregnant as well. It mostly happens in unplanned pregnancies or either pregnancy that occurs in tight situations for the mother and the child. Also, stress occurs in couples when they know that they were not emotionally or financially prepared to raise a child as might have thought they were.


Facing personal health problems may be a lot more stressful for both adult and children. Worrying about medicals charges, working to recover or dealing with chronic disease can cause stress. The worst thing is that stress can cause infections as well. Conditions related to stress like depression might become one of the leading reasons of disability.

Death of a Loved One

The death of your spouse is the most stressing moment you can ever face. Also, that stress becomes worse when you realize that your spouse has debts to be cleared and you will have to think about finances on top of mourning your spouse. The whole situation can even get worse if you lose your spouse when you still have small children at home.


a lady carrying job filesStress related to work as usual to all men and women who face long working hours and demanding situations. Also, some workers happen to get even more stressed in times of economic period because of the worry of facing a reduction in hours of layoffs.


It is another top reason for stress in both women and men. More so, when dealing with a lot of emotional stress, separation mostly mean that one of the spouses must vacate the home that you shared together. You may face many disagreements about the division of finances, custody issues, and property and child support problems. All these can make you feel so stressed and depressed.