Leading a Healthier Lifestyle in a Condo Unit

When it comes to the connection between living a healthy life and condo living, everyone seems to be divided into two big groups. The first group states that it is a better option to live in a condominium building if one aims for better living standards, including health. However, the second group still doubts its efficacy, further indicating that they prefer a concrete house rather than having to pay a considerate amount of money to invest in a condo unit. Surprisingly, the qualities that condo residents can expect from condo living proves to support their health.

Apart from its real estate value, a condominium is considered one of the latest trends. The facilities and amenities offered are available to support the modern lifestyle that it becomes a popular option among millennials. The modern lifestyle includes health and its related aspects. As more and more people are aware of the importance of maintaining health these days, condo living has gradually caught the attention it deserves. How does condo living lead to a healthier life? Below are the detailed explanations.

a person wearing running shoes

Strategic Location

Premium location is the first thing residents can expect from the new trend. It means that the building is often located in city centers where transportation is not a problem at all. Residents can easily reach their destination by walking or driving a car. This way, they can expect a better living environment since they do not have to deal with heavy traffic and pollution. The truth is that traffic and pollution are the two most significant causes of health problems that city dwellers often need to face. However, living in a unit that allows its resident to reach certain destinations without having to deal with such issues is definitely a big plus point.

Private Facilities

Different from the landed housing complex, condominium buildings often offer private facilities that residents can exclusively use. They include a jogging track, tennis courts, and sports centers. It proves that many developers are aware of the fact that today’s people are most concerned about their health. The presence of other types of entertainment, such as shopping centers, cinema, and restaurants, is also a positive aspect as people need entertainment after stressful days at work.

Medical Centers

The above explanation explains how residents can rely on its premium location to avoid daily pollution and heavy traffic. In addition to it, medical centers are usually available around the area, and they operate twenty-four hours a day. Emergency cases often occur even in the middle of the night, and the strategic location ensures that residents can reach the medical centers within minutes.



Common Causes of Stress You Should Know

You will get to know that stress is caused by different reasons, which differ from person to person. You will find that a situation that worries one person may not bother another person. Some people are easily stressed while others require more different worrying moments before they start to experience the psychological effects. Even though people differ from a stressful situation, you will still find stress events that are common as listed below.


dollarsFinancial stress mostly mortgage foreclosures, is another cause of stress leading at the top in homes. You will find that people who are poor and live in poverty conditions, and people facing high bankruptcy and debts experience great situations of stress in their lives.




You can face stress when pregnant as well. It mostly happens in unplanned pregnancies or either pregnancy that occurs in tight situations for the mother and the child. Also, stress occurs in couples when they know that they were not emotionally or financially prepared to raise a child as might have thought they were.


Facing personal health problems may be a lot more stressful for both adult and children. Worrying about medicals charges, working to recover or dealing with chronic disease can cause stress. The worst thing is that stress can cause infections as well. Conditions related to stress like depression might become one of the leading reasons of disability.

Death of a Loved One

The death of your spouse is the most stressing moment you can ever face. Also, that stress becomes worse when you realize that your spouse has debts to be cleared and you will have to think about finances on top of mourning your spouse. The whole situation can even get worse if you lose your spouse when you still have small children at home.


a lady carrying job filesStress related to work as usual to all men and women who face long working hours and demanding situations. Also, some workers happen to get even more stressed in times of economic period because of the worry of facing a reduction in hours of layoffs.


It is another top reason for stress in both women and men. More so, when dealing with a lot of emotional stress, separation mostly mean that one of the spouses must vacate the home that you shared together. You may face many disagreements about the division of finances, custody issues, and property and child support problems. All these can make you feel so stressed and depressed.

Health insights: what causes anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s response to forces outside it. However, there are cases where self-talk that is negative can also make us anxious. Self-talk becomes negative when we keep telling ourselves, and the body anticipates that something worst will happen.

What causes anxiety?

The chief trigger of anxiety disorder has been found to be stress. An anxiety disorder may also be caused by substance abuse, brain chemistry, genetics, medical and environmental factors. These factors can either work in isolation or a combination of any of them.


Substance use and abuse as a cause of anxiety

Many patients who admitted or enrolled for mental health treatment have been found to suffer from anxiety disorders like General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), social and panic disorders. Most of these patients have been hooked to either benzodiazepine or alcohol dependence.

Other substance uses are intoxication and withdrawal from amphetamines, heroin, and cocaine which are all illicit. Withdrawal from using drugs for prescription such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and Vicodin.

Brain chemistry as a cause of anxiety

When levels of neurotransmitters are abnormal, people affect will suffer from GAD. If neurotransmitters’ working is not proper, there is a breakdown in the communication network of the brain. This will then trigger a reaction from the brain which is not normal. It is this abnormal reaction that causes anxiety.

Genetics as a cause of anxiety

In the study of genetics, offsprings inherit traits from the parents. This tends to follow a predictable path. It, therefore, means that if there is a history of anxiety in a family, the likelihood of their offsprings inheriting it is greatly increased. Some people have a genetic predisposition to suffer from anxiety. Their chances of suffering from anxiety are greatly increased.


Researchers have suggested that the history of a family with anxiety have an increased likelihood of their offspring developing it. Genetic predisposition of some people places them at a greater disadvantage of having this order. A person will, therefore, suffer from anxiety disorder based on their family tree.

Medical factors as a cause of anxiety

Medical conditions that have been associated with anxiety are heart conditions, infections, asthma, and asthma. Other medical causes are pulmonary embolism and emphysema which results in oxygen being cut off from the body.

Environmental factors as a cause of anxiety

The following environmental factors cause various anxiety types:

  • Trauma caused by death of a person very close, sexual and
    physical abuse
  • Stress due to school, work, money and finances, natural disasters
  • Undersupply or no oxygen when in areas whose altitude is
  • Having looked at what causes anxiety, how would somebody know that a person is suffering from this disorder?ggdfgdfgdfgfdgrwerwer

How to diagnose anxiety

The professionals who deal with anxiety are clinical psychologists and psychiatrist. They not diagnose anxiety but also arrest the causes. Like other clinical assessments, the patient’s personal and medical history is taken, the performance of physical examination done and where necessary laboratory tests were done. The laboratory tests may be pointers to other symptoms.


In conclusion, with proper diagnosis and medication, individuals can have their health restored and enjoy life thereafter. Advancement in the treatment of this disorder will restore proper functioning of these individuals’ bodies.